Join me on this mouthwatering adventure as I dive into the culinary world of Austin, Texas, where delectable pizza, pasta, and gelato await. I've reviewed a total of 8 Italian restaurants in the area to help you satisfy your cravings and discover hidden gems that will make your taste buds dance with joy.

From cozy trattorias to trendy pizzerias, prepare yourself for an unforgettable gastronomic journey. So loosen those belts, gather your appetite, and let's uncover the top spots serving the most authentic and delicious Italian cuisine in Austin.

Taverna Austin (Downtown) | The Baci Room

Taverna Austin (Downtown) | The Baci Room
🗺️ 258 W 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701
☎️ 512-477-1001
🌐 Website
Sunday: 10 AM–10 PM
Monday: 11 AM–10 PM
Tuesday: 11 AM–10 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM–10 PM
Thursday: 11 AM–10 PM
Friday: 11 AM–11 PM
Saturday: 10 AM–11 PM
Beautiful restaurant
Attentive waiter
Delicious menu options
Good food at good price
Clean and professional atmosphere

I was immediately taken in by the beautiful restaurant as I walked through the doors of Taverna Austin. The elegant decor and warm ambiance created a sophisticated yet inviting atmosphere.

The attentive waiter promptly seated me and was knowledgeable about the menu, showcasing their commitment to excellent service. I perused the menu and was pleased to find a wide array of delicious options. From classic pasta dishes to mouthwatering pizzas, the menu truly celebrated the rich flavors of authentic Italian cuisine.

After much deliberation, I settled on the lasagna, a dish that I always use as a benchmark for evaluating the quality of Italian food. My expectations were surpassed as I took my first bite. The lasagna was perfectly layered with rich tomato sauce and a decadent blend of cheeses. The flavors were bold and comforting, reminding me of traditional homemade lasagna from my days spent in Italy.

To top it off, Taverna Austin delivers good food at a good price. The quality of the ingredients and the skillful execution of the dishes truly make it a worthwhile dining experience.

The clean and professional atmosphere added to the overall enjoyment of my meal. The attention to detail in both the presentation of the food and the cleanliness of the restaurant showcased the level of care that goes into creating an exceptional dining experience.

Overall, my visit to Taverna Austin was a delightful culinary journey. With its beautiful setting, attentive service, and delicious menu options, it undoubtedly earns a spot on the list of the best Italian restaurants in Austin. Trust me, you won't be disappointed when you indulge your taste buds at The Baci Room!

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🗺️ 452 W 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701
☎️ 512-494-5510
🌐 Website
Sunday: 11 AM–9:30 PM
Monday: 11 AM–2 PM
Monday: 4:30–10 PM
Tuesday: 11 AM–2 PM
Tuesday: 4:30–10 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM–2 PM
Wednesday: 4:30–10 PM
Thursday: 11 AM–2 PM
Thursday: 4:30–10 PM
Friday: 11 AM–2 PM
Friday: 4:30–10:30 PM
Saturday: 11 AM–10:30 PM
Wonderful food
Cozy atmosphere
Great service
Authentic flavors
Varied menu options

Walking into Numero28, I was immediately struck by the cozy atmosphere of the place. The dim lighting, rustic decor, and the comforting scents of garlic and tomatoes made me feel like I had stepped into a tiny Italian trattoria.

But of course, ambiance is just one piece of the puzzle. The real test lies in the food itself. And let me tell you, Numero28 did not disappoint. From the first bite, I could tell that this was a place where attention to detail was paramount. The authentic flavors transported me back to the streets of Naples, with every dish reminding me of the quality of Italian cuisine.

The menu at Numero28 is nothing short of impressive. With options ranging from classic Margherita pizza to more adventurous choices like the Fig and Prosciutto pizza, there is something to suit every taste. And let's not forget about the pasta! The varied menu options mean that even the pickiest of eaters will find something they love.

But it's not just about the food at Numero28. The great service I received added to the overall dining experience. The staff was attentive, knowledgeable, and genuinely passionate about the cuisine they were serving.

In a city filled with Italian restaurants, Numero28 truly stands out. The combination of wonderful food, cozy atmosphere, great service, and authentic flavors make it a standout choice for those seeking the best Italian food in Austin.

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Enoteca Vespaio

Enoteca Vespaio
🗺️ 1610 S Congress Ave S, Austin, TX 78704
☎️ 512-441-7672
🌐 Website
Sunday: 5–10 PM
Monday: 5–10 PM
Tuesday: 5–10 PM
Wednesday: 5–10 PM
Thursday: 5–10 PM
Friday: 5–10 PM
Saturday: 5–10 PM
Best pizza
Amazing pasta
Great prices
Friendly service
High end

Walking into Enoteca Vespaio, I was immediately transported to the charming streets of Italy. The cozy yet stylish ambiance gave me high hopes for what was to come. And boy, did Enoteca Vespaio deliver!

Let's start with their pizza - it was simply the best I've had in Austin. The thin, crispy crust was the perfect canvas for the generous toppings. With each bite, I could taste the authentic flavors that only genuine Italian recipes can deliver. It's no wonder this place is known for their pizza!

But it wasn't just the pizza that impressed me. The pasta selection was out of this world. From creamy alfredo to tangy marinara, every dish was cooked to perfection. Each pasta strand was precisely al dente, a true testament to the skill of the chefs in the kitchen.

What surprised me the most, though, were the prices. For such high-quality Italian cuisine, Enoteca Vespaio actually had quite reasonable prices. I left feeling full and satisfied without breaking the bank.

And let's not forget about the service. The staff at Enoteca Vespaio were incredibly friendly and attentive. They eagerly answered all of my questions and even made insightful recommendations. It was clear that they cared about providing a memorable dining experience.

Enoteca Vespaio is truly a high-end establishment that knows how to create an atmosphere that is both luxurious and welcoming. Their commitment to quality ingredients and traditional Italian cooking techniques really shines through in every dish. If you're in Austin and craving authentic Italian food, look no further than Enoteca Vespaio. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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Quattro Gatti Ristorante e Pizzeria

Quattro Gatti Ristorante e Pizzeria
🗺️ 908 Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78701
☎️ 512-476-3131
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 4:30–9 PM
Tuesday: 4:30–9 PM
Wednesday: 4:30–9 PM
Thursday: 4:30–9 PM
Friday: 4:30–9:30 PM
Saturday: 4:30–9:30 PM
Best Italian food
Fresh made pastas
Outstanding appetizers
Melt-in-your-mouth Gnocchi
Creamiest ricotta ravioli

From the moment I stepped inside, I knew I was in for a treat. Quattro Gatti is known for serving up some of the best Italian food in Austin, and they did not disappoint.

Their menu boasts a variety of options, but what really caught my attention were the fresh made pastas. I couldn't resist ordering a plate of their melt-in-your-mouth gnocchi. Each bite was a burst of flavors that danced on my tongue. It was the epitome of Italian comfort food.

But the pasta didn't stop there. I also tried their ricotta ravioli, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer. The creamy ricotta filling was like a cloud of deliciousness, enveloped in perfectly cooked pasta. It was indulgent and satisfying.

To start off the meal, I ordered a couple of outstanding appetizers. The bruschetta was a fresh and tangy delight, with the tomatoes bursting with flavor. And the calamari, oh boy, it was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, served with a zesty dipping sauce.

The atmosphere at Quattro Gatti was warm and inviting, and the staff was attentive and friendly. The restaurant exudes a playful yet professional vibe that adds to the overall experience.

If you're a fan of Italian cuisine, Quattro Gatti Ristorante e Pizzeria is a must-visit. Their creamy ricotta ravioli alone is worth the trip. So go ahead and treat yourself to a taste of Italy right here in Austin. You won't be disappointed.

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🗺️ 807 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78703
☎️ 512-474-2054
🌐 Website
Sunday: 5–10 PM
Monday: 5–10 PM
Tuesday: 5–11 PM
Wednesday: 5–11 PM
Thursday: 5 PM–12 AM
Friday: 12 PM–12 AM
Saturday: 5 PM–12 AM
New York City vibe
Delicious food
Wonderful service
Chic ambiance

Walking into Sammie's was like stepping right into a little slice of New York City. The atmosphere was buzzing with an undeniable energy, giving off a chic ambiance that immediately put a smile on my face. From the moment I entered, I knew this was going to be an extraordinary dining experience.

I was greeted by the wonderful staff, who made me feel like a valued guest from the moment I stepped foot in the door. Their attentive service was unrivaled, making sure I had everything I needed throughout the evening.

Now, let's talk about the star of the show – the food. Every dish that came out of the kitchen was a work of art, meticulously crafted and bursting with flavor. From the perfectly cooked pasta to the rich and savory sauces, every bite was a little taste of perfection.

One of the standout dishes was the classic spaghetti carbonara. The creamy sauce was heavenly, with just the right amount of richness, and the pancetta added a delightful crunch. It was simply divine!

Not only was the food at Sammie's delicious, but the portion sizes were also very generous. I left feeling completely satisfied and already planning my next visit.

Overall, my experience at Sammie's was nothing short of exceptional. The combination of excellent service, delectable food, and a vibrant atmosphere left me wanting more. If you're looking for the best Italian food in Austin, Sammie's is an absolute must-visit.

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Vespaio Restaurant

Vespaio Restaurant
🗺️ 1610 S Congress Ave S, Austin, TX 78704
☎️ 512-441-6100
🌐 Website
Sunday: 5–10 PM
Monday: 5–10 PM
Tuesday: 5–10:30 PM
Wednesday: 5–10:30 PM
Thursday: 5–10:30 PM
Friday: 5–10:30 PM
Saturday: 5–10:30 PM
Intimate atmosphere
Delicious, fresh ingredients
Excellent service
Extensive menu options

Stepping into Vespaio Restaurant, I immediately felt at ease with the intimate atmosphere that enveloped the place. The soft lighting and warm colors created a cozy ambiance, perfect for a romantic night out or a gathering with friends. As an aficionado of Italian cuisine, I was delighted to find an extensive menu that catered to all cravings.

Using only the freshest ingredients, Vespaio truly excels in delivering flavorful dishes that transport your taste buds straight to Italy. Each bite was a burst of authenticity, leaving me longing for more. From the melt-in-your-mouth pasta dishes to the expertly prepared seafood, every plate exemplified the essence of Italian culinary craftsmanship.

What truly sets Vespaio apart is their exceptional service. The staff was knowledgeable and attentive, providing expert recommendations and going above and beyond to ensure a memorable dining experience. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or new to Italian cuisine, they are there to guide you through the menu and make you feel like a VIP.

I can confidently say that Vespaio is a must-visit for anyone seeking the best Italian food in Austin. Its intimate atmosphere, use of fresh ingredients, excellent service, and extensive menu options make it the epitome of Italian culinary excellence. Don't hesitate to indulge in their delightful creations. Buon appetito!

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🗺️ 1213 W Lynn St, Austin, TX 78703
☎️ 512-477-5211
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 11:30 AM–9 PM
Tuesday: 11:30 AM–9 PM
Wednesday: 11:30 AM–9 PM
Thursday: 11:30 AM–9 PM
Friday: 11:30 AM–9 PM
Saturday: 11:30 AM–9 PM
Incredible Italian food
Lovely ambiance
Genuine and friendly service
Tasty, fresh, and refined dishes
Neighborhood spot with good wines

Walking into Cipollina, I immediately felt like I was entering a cozy Italian trattoria. The lovely ambiance with soft lighting and rustic decor created a warm and inviting atmosphere. The genuine and friendly service from the staff made me feel like a valued guest.

Now, let's talk about the star of the show: the incredible Italian food. Every bite was a burst of flavor and pure delight. The menu offered a wide selection of dishes, each one carefully crafted and made with the freshest ingredients. From the first mouthful to the last, I couldn't stop marveling at the tasty, fresh, and refined flavors.

One standout was the pasta dish I ordered. The al dente pasta was perfectly cooked and paired with a delicate sauce, filled with an abundance of flavor. The attention to detail in every dish was truly impressive.

Another pleasant surprise was the well-curated wine list. Cipollina is a neighborhood spot with a small but thoughtful selection of wines that perfectly complemented the meal.

Overall, my dining experience at Cipollina was exceptional. The combination of incredible Italian food, lovely ambiance, and genuine and friendly service created a memorable evening. If you're looking for the best Italian food in Austin, I highly recommend paying a visit to Cipollina. You won't be disappointed.

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The Backspace

The Backspace
🗺️ 507 San Jacinto Blvd, Austin, TX 78701
☎️ 512-474-9899
🌐 Website
Sunday: 5–9 PM
Monday: 5–9 PM
Tuesday: 5–9 PM
Wednesday: 5–9 PM
Thursday: 5–9 PM
Friday: 5–10 PM
Saturday: 5–10 PM
Must-visit for pizza
Fantastic wine
Exquisite pizza
Intimate setting
Friendly staff

Let me just start by saying that if you're a fan of pizza, The Backspace is an absolute must-visit. This hidden gem offers some of the most exquisite pizzas in Austin. From the perfectly thin and crispy crust to the flavorful and inventive toppings, every bite is an explosion of deliciousness.

But it's not just the pizzas that make The Backspace stand out. The wine selection is truly something to behold. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and will happily assist you in finding the perfect pairing for your meal. Whether you prefer a bold red or a crisp white, they have something for every palate.

The intimate setting of The Backspace adds to the overall experience. With only a handful of tables, you'll feel like you've discovered a secret hideaway. The dim lighting and rustic decor create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for a romantic date night or catching up with friends.

Speaking of the staff, they are some of the friendliest and most attentive I've encountered. From the moment you walk in, you're greeted with a warm smile and a genuine desire to make your experience exceptional. They are happy to offer recommendations and ensure that your meal is nothing short of perfection.

In conclusion, The Backspace is a true hidden gem in the Austin Italian food scene. With its fantastic wine selection, exquisite pizzas, and welcoming atmosphere, it's a place that should be on every food lover's radar. So next time you're craving some authentic Italian flavors, make your way to The Backspace and prepare to have your taste buds blown away.

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