With a lighthearted tone, I have scoured the city and dined at not just one or two, but eight exceptional establishments. From candlelit tables to breathtaking views, each restaurant on this list oozes romance in its own unique way.

So, whether you're planning a special date night, celebrating an anniversary, or simply looking to impress that special someone, join me as we explore the most enchanting culinary gems that Austin has to offer. Get ready to indulge in exquisite flavors, sip on fine wine, and create unforgettable memories.

Let's embark on a romantic journey through Austin's dining scene!


🗺️ 208 W 4th St, Austin, TX 78701
☎️ 512-379-8249
🌐 Website
Sunday: 5–10:30 PM
Monday: 4–10:30 PM
Tuesday: 4–10:30 PM
Wednesday: 4–10:30 PM
Thursday: 4–10:30 PM
Friday: 4 PM–12:30 AM
Saturday: 5 PM–12:30 AM
Fantastic ambience
Excellent food and drink
Warm service
Unique menu
Amazing Bananas Foster

From the moment I stepped foot into Péché, I was immediately enchanted by its fantastic ambience. The dim lighting and cozy booths created a romantic atmosphere that was perfect for a night out with my special someone.

The excellent food and drink at Péché exceeded my expectations. The menu boasted a unique variety of French-inspired dishes and a creative selection of handcrafted cocktails. Each dish was beautifully presented and bursting with flavor. I highly recommend trying their signature absinthe cocktail, it was truly a taste sensation!

What stood out for me was the warm service we received from the moment we walked in. The staff were attentive and knowledgeable, making us feel like VIPs. They were also helpful in offering recommendations, ensuring our dining experience was nothing short of exceptional.

One thing that impressed me about Péché was their unique menu. They offer a range of dishes that are not commonly found in other restaurants, making it a standout choice for a romantic evening. Whether you're a foodie looking to try something new or a couple seeking a memorable dining experience, Péché has it all.

Last but certainly not least, the Bananas Foster dessert was the perfect ending to our meal. The combination of caramelized bananas, vanilla ice cream, and a hint of rum was absolutely indulgent. It was the icing on the cake for a truly unforgettable romantic dinner.

Overall, Péché is a top contender for the best romantic restaurant in Austin. With its fantastic ambience, excellent food and drink, warm service, unique menu, and amazing Bananas Foster, it's a must-visit for anyone looking to ignite the flames of romance.

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🗺️ 1204 W Lynn St, Austin, TX 78703
☎️ 512-477-5584
🌐 Website
Sunday: 4:30–11 PM
Monday: 4:30–11 PM
Tuesday: 4:30–11 PM
Wednesday: 4:30–11 PM
Thursday: 4:30–11 PM
Friday: 4:30–11 PM
Saturday: 4:30–11 PM
Great food
Fantastic service
Amazing cocktails
Relaxed atmosphere

Walking into Jeffrey's, I was immediately captivated by the romantic and elegant ambiance. The dim lighting and soft music created a relaxed atmosphere that set the perfect stage for a romantic evening.

To start off, the service at Jeffrey's was nothing short of fantastic. The staff was attentive and knowledgeable, making us feel like we were the only patrons in the entire restaurant. Our server expertly guided us through the menu, recommending the perfect dishes to suit our preferences.

As for the food, it was a culinary delight. Every dish was crafted with precision and showcased the skills of the talented chefs in the kitchen. The flavors were rich, the ingredients were fresh, and the presentation was a work of art. Each bite was a burst of exquisite flavors that left us craving more.

To accompany our meal, we indulged in some of Jeffrey's amazing cocktails. The mixologists at the restaurant are true masters, creating unique and perfectly balanced concoctions. From refreshing gin-based drinks to bold and smoky whiskey cocktails, each sip was a delightful surprise.

Overall, my visit to Jeffrey's was nothing short of magical. The combination of great food, fantastic service, amazing cocktails, and a relaxed atmosphere made it the epitome of a romantic restaurant. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply want to impress your date, Jeffrey's is the place to go. I can't recommend it enough for an unforgettable romantic dining experience in Austin.

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🗺️ 1807 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704
☎️ 512-215-9778
🌐 Website
Sunday: 4:30–10 PM
Monday: 4:30–10:30 PM
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 4:30–10:30 PM
Thursday: 4:30–10:30 PM
Friday: 4:30–10:30 PM
Saturday: 4:30–10:30 PM
Terrace seating
Interesting and delicious food
Tasty cocktails
Cute French bistro chic vibe
Vegetarian options

First of all, let me say that LENOIR offers a truly enchanting atmosphere. As soon as you step inside, you're transported to a cute French bistro chic paradise. The dimly lit space creates an intimate ambiance, perfect for a romantic evening.

One of the highlights of LENOIR is their terrace seating. I highly recommend choosing a table outside, especially during those warm summer evenings. There's something undeniably romantic about dining under the stars, surrounded by the cozy lights and the lush greenery.

Now, let's talk about the food! LENOIR offers a menu that is not only interesting and unique, but also downright delicious. Each dish is carefully crafted with a harmonious blend of flavors that will make your taste buds dance with joy. Vegetarians need not worry, as LENOIR also offers vegetarian options that are equally as flavorful and satisfying.

To complement your meal, I suggest trying one of their tasty cocktails. The mixologists at LENOIR know their craft well and will whip up a drink that perfectly enhances your dining experience.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a truly memorable and romantic dining experience, LENOIR should be at the top of your list. The combination of their amazing food, charming ambiance, and terrific cocktails make it an ideal destination for any special occasion. Don't miss out on this hidden gem in the heart of Austin.

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🗺️ 615 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704
☎️ 512-916-9000
🌐 Website
Sunday: 10 AM–2 PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 5–10 PM
Wednesday: 5–10 PM
Thursday: 5–10 PM
Friday: 5–10 PM
Saturday: 10 AM–10 PM
Beautiful rehearsal dinner
Craft cocktails and artful appetizers
Unique and flavorful Lion's Mane Mushroom
Amazing service and atmosphere
Comped meal after kitchen mistake

Let me start by saying that Eberly truly stands out among Austin's romantic restaurant scene. From the moment you step inside, you're greeted with a breathtakingly beautiful space that sets the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening.

My partner and I were particularly impressed with the beautiful rehearsal dinner setting that Eberly offers. The dim lighting, intimate tables, and charming decor create an atmosphere that oozes romance.

The menu at Eberly is equally impressive. We started our evening with some craft cocktails and artful appetizers. Each drink was expertly crafted, and the appetizers were almost too pretty to eat. But we couldn't resist the Lion's Mane Mushroom dish—it was unique and flavorful, and we savored every bite.

The service at Eberly was top-notch. The staff went above and beyond to make our night special, and their attention to detail was exceptional. We were especially grateful for their quick response when there was a small mistake in the kitchen—they comped our meal without hesitation, a gesture that truly showcased their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Overall, Eberly exceeded our expectations. The amazing service and atmosphere combined with the delicious food made for a truly memorable evening. If you're looking for a romantic restaurant in Austin, Eberly is definitely one to consider.

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🗺️ 607 W 3rd St #105, Austin, TX 78701
☎️ 512-333-0737
🌐 Website
Sunday: 5:30–10 PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 5:30–10 PM
Wednesday: 5:30–10 PM
Thursday: 5:30–10 PM
Friday: 5:30–11 PM
Saturday: 5:30–11 PM
Superb chefs tasting
Top-notch service
Beautiful interior
Phenomenal sommelier
Accommodating dietary needs

Let me start by saying that Hestia truly knows how to set the mood for romance. From the moment I walked in, I was immediately captivated by the beautiful interior. The dim lighting, cozy seating, and elegant decor create a warm and intimate ambiance that is perfect for a romantic evening.

Now, let's talk about the food. Hestia offers an exceptional chef's tasting menu that completely blew my taste buds away. Each dish was meticulously crafted and presented with flair. I couldn't help but be impressed by the creativity and precision that went into every bite. The flavors were divine, and each dish unfolded like a story on my palate.

What truly sets Hestia apart is their top-notch service. The staff was incredibly attentive, making sure every need was met without being intrusive. From the moment we entered until the end of the meal, we felt well taken care of. The sommelier was phenomenal, pairing each course with the perfect wine, enhancing the overall dining experience.

One aspect that particularly stood out to me was how accommodating Hestia was to dietary needs. As someone with allergies, it's always a relief when a restaurant is willing to cater to specific requirements. The staff at Hestia went above and beyond to ensure that my dietary restrictions were considered, making me feel valued as a guest.

Overall, my experience at Hestia was simply enchanting. It's a restaurant that oozes romance, offering a superb chef's tasting menu, impeccable service, and a magnificent sommelier. If you're looking to indulge in a memorable and romantic dining experience in Austin, Hestia is definitely the place to be.

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🗺️ 1014 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78703
☎️ 512-482-8868
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 5–9 PM
Wednesday: 5–10 PM
Thursday: 5–10 PM
Friday: 5–10 PM
Saturday: 5–10 PM
Amazing food
Excellent service
Beautiful presentation
Knowledgeable staff

Let me start by saying that Wink is an absolute gem among the romantic restaurants in Austin. From the moment I walked in, I knew I was in for a special evening. The intimate and cozy atmosphere created the perfect ambiance for a romantic date.

First and foremost, the food at Wink is absolutely amazing. Each dish is expertly crafted with the finest ingredients, and the flavors are simply extraordinary. From the first bite to the last, my taste buds were treated to a symphony of flavors that left me wanting more.

The service at Wink is truly top-notch. The staff is attentive, knowledgeable, and friendly. They pampered me and my partner throughout the entire evening, making sure we had everything we needed and more. Their expertise in answering all our questions and making recommendations enhanced our dining experience.

One thing that really stood out at Wink was the beautiful presentation of each dish. The attention to detail in the plating was impeccable. It felt like a work of art on each plate, adding an extra touch of elegance to our evening.

Lastly, the staff's knowledge of the menu and wine pairings was impressive. They guided us through the menu, effortlessly providing recommendations that perfectly complemented our meal.

All in all, my experience at Wink was nothing short of exceptional. It's a place where romance meets culinary excellence. If you're looking for an unforgettable date night, look no further than Wink.

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Arlo Grey by Kristen Kish

Arlo Grey by Kristen Kish
🗺️ 111 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78701
☎️ 512-478-2991
🌐 Website
Sunday: 5–10 PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 5–10 PM
Thursday: 5–10 PM
Friday: 5–10 PM
Saturday: 5–10 PM
Wonderful service and food
Fantastic wagyu and pasta
Delicious crudo and mousse
Knowledgeable server
Incredible crispy rice

From the moment we stepped into Arlo Grey, we were greeted with wonderful service and a warm ambiance. The staff made us feel like the only couple in the restaurant, attending to our every need with a smile and attentiveness that added to the romance of the evening.

The food was beyond exceptional. We kicked off the night with the wagyu, which melted in our mouths and left us wanting more. The pasta dish was a symphony of flavors, with each ingredient complementing the other perfectly. The crudo was fresh and light, while the mousse was rich and velvety, a delightful contrast.

Our server was not only friendly, but incredibly knowledgeable about the menu. They guided us through our choices, recommending the best dishes for our palates and ensuring that our experience was memorable. The attention to detail and their genuine passion for the food they served was evident and greatly appreciated.

But let's talk about the highlight of the evening: the incredible crispy rice. It was an explosion of flavor and texture, a perfect combination of crunch and tenderness. Every bite left us wanting more, and we even debated ordering a second portion.

Arlo Grey by Kristen Kish is more than just a restaurant; it's an experience that ignites the flame of romance. The combination of the exceptional service, delectable food, and intimate atmosphere makes it the ideal spot for a romantic evening in Austin. Trust me, this hidden gem will leave you and your significant other with memories to cherish.

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Lonesome Dove Austin

Lonesome Dove Austin
🗺️ 123 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78701
☎️ 512-368-2821
🌐 Website
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 5–10 PM
Tuesday: 5–10 PM
Wednesday: 5–10 PM
Thursday: 5–10 PM
Friday: 5–11 PM
Saturday: 5–11 PM
Superb food
Lovely atmosphere
Top notch drinks
Complimentary chocolate cake

Let me start by saying that the food at Lonesome Dove Austin is nothing short of superb. From the first bite to the last, every dish was a flavor explosion in my mouth. The chef's attention to detail and use of high-quality ingredients truly impressed me.

But it's not just the food that makes Lonesome Dove Austin a top choice for a romantic evening. The lovely atmosphere sets the stage for a truly memorable dining experience. The rustic yet elegant decor creates a cozy and intimate ambiance that is perfect for a romantic date night.

And let's not forget about the top-notch drinks. The skilled mixologists at Lonesome Dove Austin know their craft and can whip up a variety of creative and delicious cocktails. Sipping on one of their signature drinks added an extra layer of enjoyment and sophistication to the evening.

Now, let's talk about a sweet surprise that awaits you at the end of your meal – a complimentary chocolate cake. Yes, you read that right! Who doesn't love a little something sweet to end a romantic dinner? This unexpected treat added the perfect finishing touch to an already unforgettable night.

If you're looking for a romantic restaurant in Austin that delivers on every aspect, from the food to the atmosphere to the drinks, then Lonesome Dove Austin is the place for you. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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