From traditional to innovative flavors, I have sampled an impressive total of 8 taco joints in this vibrant Texan city. Whether you're a local or just passing through, this article is your go-to resource for satisfying your taco cravings.

Brace yourself for a lighthearted journey that will take you on a tantalizing adventure through Pflugerville's tastiest tacos. So, prepare to tantalize your taste buds and join me as I spill the beans (and guac) on the absolute crème de la crème of taco goodness in Pflugerville!

Casa Garcia's - Pflugerville

Casa Garcia's - Pflugerville
🗺️ 15803 Windermere Dr #601, Pflugerville, TX 78660
☎️ 512-989-2524
🌐 Website
Sunday: 7 AM–8 PM
Monday: 7 AM–9 PM
Tuesday: 7 AM–9 PM
Wednesday: 7 AM–9 PM
Thursday: 7 AM–9 PM
Friday: 7 AM–10 PM
Saturday: 7 AM–9:30 PM
Cozy traditional Mexican cuisine
La Fiesta Combo - a little bit of everything
Chicken Enchilada Rancheras - standout dish
Complimentary nachos and salsa
Reasonably priced Tex Mex place

Picture this: stepping into a cozy Mexican oasis, where the air is filled with the aromas of sizzling meat and warm spices. That's exactly what Casa Garcia's in Pflugerville offers. This hidden gem is a must-visit for taco enthusiasts and lovers of traditional Mexican cuisine.

Upon sitting down, I knew I couldn't settle for just one dish. Thankfully, Casa Garcia's understood my cravings and presented me with their show-stopping La Fiesta Combo. This plate of goodness boasted a little bit of everything: enchiladas, tacos, and chalupas. Each bite was a flavor explosion, with tender meats, zesty sauces, and fresh toppings dancing in my mouth.

But let me tell you, the standout dish of the evening was their Chicken Enchilada Rancheras. The perfectly seasoned chicken, enveloped in a tortilla smothered in a rich ranchera sauce, was a delightful combination of creamy and spicy. It left me longing for another bite even after my plate was clean.

What made Casa Garcia's even more special was the addition of complimentary nachos and salsa. The warm tortilla chips and tangy salsa were the perfect prelude to my meal, a tiny taste of the gastronomic delights that awaited me.

Adding to the allure, Casa Garcia's is a reasonably priced Tex Mex heaven. The friendly staff and inviting atmosphere make it a great spot for families and friends to gather for a delicious meal without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, Casa Garcia's in Pflugerville is a taco treasure worth venturing out for. With cozy ambiance, tantalizing flavors, and a price tag that won't make you wince, it is a true gem among the best tacos in Pflugerville. Don't miss out on this delightful Tex Mex experience.

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Huahuasco Grill Mexican Cuisine

Huahuasco Grill Mexican Cuisine
🗺️ 100 12th St #102, Pflugerville, TX 78660
☎️ 512-358-4545
🌐 Website
Sunday: 7:30 AM–3 PM
Sunday: 4:30–7:30 PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11 AM–3 PM
Tuesday: 4:30–8:30 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM–3 PM
Wednesday: 4:30–8:30 PM
Thursday: 11 AM–3 PM
Thursday: 4:30–8:30 PM
Friday: 11 AM–3 PM
Friday: 4:30–8:30 PM
Saturday: 11 AM–3 PM
Saturday: 4:30–8:30 PM
House made horchata
Fresh meals
Signature dishes
Amazing flavor
Great atmosphere

As soon as I stepped into Huahuasco Grill, the aroma of freshly prepared Mexican cuisine engulfed me. My taste buds tingled in anticipation of the flavorful treats that lay ahead. I wasted no time and quickly ordered their signature tacos.

The house-made horchata was a delightful way to start my meal. With each sip, the creamy and spiced rice drink transported me to the streets of Mexico, adding a touch of sweetness to enhance my taco experience.

When the tacos arrived, I couldn't help but admire their freshness. Each tortilla was soft and warm, perfectly holding the generous fillings within. With options ranging from traditional pastor to mouthwatering barbacoa, it was hard to decide where to start.

I opted for the pastor tacos, and they were a feast for the senses. The tender marinated pork, expertly seasoned with spices and grilled to perfection, danced on my taste buds. Topped with fresh cilantro, onion, and a squeeze of lime, each bite was a symphony of flavors that transported me to Mexican culinary heaven.

Not only were the tacos bursting with flavor, but the atmosphere at Huahuasco Grill was equally enjoyable. The cheerful ambiance, attentive service, and vibrant colors created a lively and welcoming environment.

Overall, my visit to Huahuasco Grill was a delightful experience that left me craving more. With its house-made horchata, fresh ingredients, signature dishes, and incredible flavor, this establishment has earned its place on the list of the best tacos in Pflugerville. I wholeheartedly recommend a visit to indulge in their culinary delights!

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Rio Grande Tex-Mex

Rio Grande Tex-Mex
🗺️ 15821 Central Commerce Dr, Pflugerville, TX 78660
☎️ 512-252-1800
🌐 Website
Sunday: 8 AM–9 PM
Monday: 11 AM–9 PM
Tuesday: 11 AM–9 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM–9 PM
Thursday: 11 AM–9 PM
Friday: 11 AM–12 AM
Saturday: 11 AM–12 AM
Lots of room inside
Killer hot sauce
Quick service
Friendly staff
Food came out quickly

First of all, walking into Rio Grande Tex-Mex, I was immediately impressed by the spaciousness of the place. There is plenty of room to sit and enjoy your meal without feeling cramped or crowded.

As I perused the menu, I couldn't help but notice the array of options available. From classic beef and chicken tacos to more adventurous choices like shrimp and fish, Rio Grande Tex-Mex certainly caters to a variety of tastes.

But let's get down to the meat of the matter, so to speak. The tacos themselves were a delightful blend of fresh ingredients and bold flavors. Each bite was a burst of savory goodness that had me coming back for more. And for those who like it hot, their killer hot sauce is not to be missed. It packed a punch without overwhelming the delicate balance of flavors.

I was also impressed by the quick service at Rio Grande Tex-Mex. Despite being a busy Sunday lunchtime, my food arrived promptly. The staff was not only efficient but also friendly and attentive, ensuring that my dining experience was enjoyable from start to finish.

All in all, my visit to Rio Grande Tex-Mex left me with a satisfied and contented stomach. The combination of a spacious atmosphere, delicious tacos, and top-notch service makes this place a standout in Pflugerville. Whether you're a taco aficionado or simply looking for a tasty meal, it's worth checking out Rio Grande Tex-Mex.

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Las Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant

Las Cazuelas Mexican Restaurant
🗺️ 2700 W Pecan St Ste. 900, Pflugerville, TX 78660
☎️ 512-373-8785
🌐 Website
Sunday: 7 AM–2 AM
Monday: 7 AM–12 AM
Tuesday: 7 AM–12 AM
Wednesday: 7 AM–12 AM
Thursday: 7 AM–2 AM
Friday: 7 AM–2 AM
Saturday: 7 AM–2 AM
Over 100 entrees
Great price margaritas
Dessert and fruit bar
Late night munchies
Great food, service, and atmosphere

Upon entering Las Cazuelas, I was immediately drawn to the vibrant colors and lively atmosphere. The smell of sizzling meats and freshly made salsa filled the air, instantly making my mouth water. As I perused the menu, I was astounded by the sheer variety of options. With over 100 entrees to choose from, it was clear that this place took their Mexican cuisine seriously.

Now, let's talk about the tacos. Oh boy, where do I even begin? From traditional favorites like carne asada and al pastor to unique creations like shrimp and avocado, Las Cazuelas had it all. Each taco was expertly prepared with fresh ingredients and bursting with flavor. With each bite, I was transported to taco heaven.

But it wasn't just the tacos that impressed me. Las Cazuelas boasts a dessert and fruit bar, which is a perfect way to end a delicious meal. And let's not forget about their margaritas. Not only were they delicious, but the price was also great, making it even easier to indulge myself.

One thing that really stood out to me about Las Cazuelas was their commitment to customer satisfaction. The service was outstanding, with attentive and friendly staff who made sure my dining experience was nothing short of exceptional.

Whether you're looking to satisfy your late-night munchies or simply craving some authentic Mexican cuisine, Las Cazuelas is the place to be. With great food, service, and atmosphere, it's no wonder this place has become a favorite among taco enthusiasts in Pflugerville. So go on, treat yourself to a taco adventure at Las Cazuelas. You won't be disappointed!

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Morelia Mexican Grill Pflugerville

Morelia Mexican Grill Pflugerville
🗺️ 18900 Limestone Commercial Dr #100, Pflugerville, TX 78660
☎️ 512-670-3463
🌐 Website
Sunday: 11 AM–9 PM
Monday: 11 AM–9 PM
Tuesday: 11 AM–10 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM–10 PM
Thursday: 11 AM–10 PM
Friday: 11 AM–2 AM
Saturday: 11 AM–2 AM
Relaxing atmosphere
Great food
Excellent service
Tasty and flavorful
Fun and enjoyable ambiance

Walking into Morelia Mexican Grill Pflugerville, I immediately felt a sense of relaxation. The atmosphere was inviting, with soft music playing in the background and warm, dimmed lighting. My taco adventure was off to a great start.

As I perused their extensive menu, I couldn't help but notice the wide range of options available. From traditional favorites like carne asada to more adventurous choices like shrimp and pineapple, the variety was impressive. I decided to go with a combination of both, because what's life without a little bit of adventure?

When my order arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the generous portion size. The tacos were beautifully presented, with colorful toppings and a sprinkling of fresh cilantro. But it wasn't just the appearance that impressed me. The flavors exploded in my mouth with each bite. The grilled meat was perfectly seasoned, and the tortillas were soft and slightly charred, adding a delightful smoky flavor.

What truly set Morelia Mexican Grill apart was their excellent service. The staff was attentive, making sure my water glass was never empty and checking in to see if I needed anything else. Their friendly smiles and genuine enthusiasm added to the already enjoyable ambiance.

Overall, my visit to Morelia Mexican Grill Pflugerville left me with a voracious appetite for more of their delicious tacos. It's clear that they take pride in serving tasty and flavorful food in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Morelia Mexican Grill Pflugerville is definitely a must-visit destination for taco lovers in Pflugerville.

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Pflugerville Taco House

Pflugerville Taco House
🗺️ 104 N Railroad Ave, Pflugerville, TX 78660
☎️ 512-969-5012
Sunday: 8 AM–1 PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 7:30 AM–2 PM
Wednesday: 7:30 AM–2 PM
Thursday: 7:30 AM–2 PM
Friday: 7:30 AM–2 PM
Saturday: 8 AM–2 PM
Good food
Fast service
Alavon tacos
Nice seating area
Tower of goodness

From the moment I stepped into Pflugerville Taco House, I was greeted with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The seating area was nicely decorated, creating a relaxing ambiance. I eagerly sat down, ready to embark on my taco adventure.

As I perused the menu, I was delighted to find a wide variety of options to choose from. But what caught my eye was the mention of Alavon tacos. Intrigued by this unique creation, I decided to give it a try.

My order arrived in no time, thanks to their fast service. I couldn't wait to dig into the mouthwatering goodness that was placed before me. The first bite was a revelation. The combination of flavors in the Alavon taco was simply out of this world. The tender meat, fresh veggies, and savory sauce danced together on my taste buds, creating a symphony of deliciousness.

But the feast didn't end there. Pflugerville Taco House took indulgence to new heights with their dazzling creation known as the Tower of Goodness. This culinary masterpiece consisted of layers upon layers of crispy tortillas, succulent meat, melted cheese, and a medley of other delectable ingredients. It was a sight to behold, and the taste was even better.

To add a touch of adventurousness to my meal, I decided to try their unique creation called Chiliceels. This intriguing taco blended the flavors of chili and eel in a surprising but satisfying way. It was a true testament to the culinary genius of Pflugerville Taco House.

In conclusion, Pflugerville Taco House is a taco lover's paradise. With its good food, fast service, and innovative creations like the Alavon tacos and Tower of Goodness, this establishment easily earns a spot among the best tacos in Pflugerville. So next time you find yourself craving a taco adventure, be sure to pay a visit to Pflugerville Taco House. You won't be disappointed.

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El Rincon Mexican Restaurant

El Rincon Mexican Restaurant
🗺️ 200 E Pecan St #9, Pflugerville, TX 78660
☎️ 512-990-0250
🌐 Website
Sunday: 7 AM–9 PM
Monday: 7 AM–9 PM
Tuesday: 7 AM–9 PM
Wednesday: 7 AM–9 PM
Thursday: 7 AM–9 PM
Friday: 7 AM–10 PM
Saturday: 7 AM–9 PM
Best huevos con machacado
Reasonable price
Prompt service

From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with a warm smile and a welcoming ambiance. The aroma of sizzling meats and freshly made tortillas filled the air—it was a tantalizing invitation to indulge in their delectable tacos.

One standout item on the menu was their huevos con machacado taco. Let me tell you, it was a flavor explosion! The tender machacado combined with fluffy scrambled eggs and a medley of spices created a delectable filling that was as satisfying as it was delightful. The perfectly cooked tortilla provided a great vessel to hold all the delicious flavors together.

But what really stole the show at El Rincon was the wallet-friendly prices. In a world where good food sometimes comes at a hefty price, their tacos were a welcomed relief. I was able to enjoy my meal without feeling like I had to break the bank.

Aside from the mouthwatering food, the service at El Rincon was prompt and friendly. The attentive staff ensured that my dining experience was nothing short of exceptional. No long wait times or empty glasses here—just genuine hospitality and helpfulness.

If you're in Pflugerville and you're craving some top-notch tacos, make sure to visit El Rincon Mexican Restaurant. With their exceptional huevos con machacado, reasonable prices, and prompt service, they certainly deserve a spot on the list of the best tacos in town.

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El Taquito

El Taquito
🗺️ 20007 FM 685, Pflugerville, TX 78660
☎️ 512-252-1811
🌐 Website
Sunday: 9 AM–4 PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 9 AM–9 PM
Thursday: 9 AM–9 PM
Friday: 9 AM–10 PM
Saturday: 9 AM–10 PM
Vast array of delicious food
Great service
Fresh and hot plates
Friendly and fun atmosphere
Excellent recommendations

From the moment I stepped foot into El Taquito, I knew I was in for a taco-tastic experience. The friendly vibe and lively atmosphere instantly put a smile on my face. The staff greeted me with warm smiles and made me feel right at home.

The menu at El Taquito is a taco lover's dream come true. With a vast array of options, it was hard to choose just one. From traditional choices like carnitas and barbacoa to more adventurous options like grilled shrimp and al pastor, there was something to satisfy every craving.

As I waited for my order, the tantalizing aroma of sizzling meat filled the air. When my plate arrived, I couldn't help but marvel at the fresh ingredients and vibrant colors. The tacos were generously filled and the tortillas were soft and warm, making every bite a taste bud explosion.

The service at El Taquito was top-notch. The staff went above and beyond to ensure I had an incredible dining experience. They were knowledgeable about the menu and provided excellent recommendations when I couldn't decide. My food arrived promptly and was served piping hot, ensuring maximum enjoyment.

Overall, my visit to El Taquito was a delightful experience. The combination of great service, fresh and hot plates, and a friendly and fun atmosphere left me craving more. If you find yourself in Pflugerville and have a hankering for authentic and delicious tacos, be sure to stop by El Taquito. You won't be disappointed!

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